Barbra Elvin - Artist

Barbra Elvin - Gold Coast Artist  Barbra Elvin

Barbra paints contemporary works with a tendency toward abstract ecpressionism. She has a loose figurative manner utilising lots of gestural drawing usually in charcoal, both before and during the process, in combination with either acrylic or oil; dependant upon which media she feels the subject matter dictates.

The greatest influence on Barbra's work is her spiritual life in connection with her own lifes journey; particularly over the past 25 year period which she has depicted in her 'series' of paintings.  Barbra draws upon the parallels between the natural landscape; magnificent mountains, rainforest undergrowth, inland and coastal stoney pathways, swirling beachtides onto slippery rocks; and her sometimes turbulent life.

Barbra loves to encourage both new and advanced students, currently teaching at the Gold Coast Art School, Southport. She has previously taught  in the Redlands (7yrs) and evening classes locally (5yrs).

Barbra has a Diploma and Post Graduate Degree in Painting (Newcastle 1980) and has worked as a Graphic Artist.

Barbra has exhibited her work many times in group  exhibitions in the Redlands Regional Gallery and at Hillier Skuse Gallery; and Solo Exhibitions on the Sunshine Coast  and Aspire Gallery, Paddington, Brisbane.

Her work has also been shown at the Morris Art Prize; and at D'Arcy Doyle on 3 occassions. 

Barbra's collection of work